Obiora Nwoye


Obiora Nwoye, also known as Obi, is a coach who has dedicated his life to helping others achieve their fitness goals. Born and raised in Nigeria, Obiora's passion for fitness was ignited at a young age when he saw Arnold Schwarzenegger's impressive physique in the movie Commando. However, gyms were not readily available in Nigeria, so he made the life-changing decision to move to the United States in pursuit of his fitness dreams.

After attending college in the US, Obiora began his career in software engineering at IBM. Although he had a successful 12-year career, he always knew that his true passion lay in the world of fitness and nutrition. Inspired by his desire to make a difference and create a business that aligned with his values, Obiora embarked on a journey to become a fitness entrepreneur.

Initially, Obiora did not plan on becoming a coach. However, he soon realized that in order to be an effective owner and visionary, he needed to understand the product from a coaching perspective. He took on a few classes while still working at IBM, and gradually, his passion for coaching grew. It became clear to him that coaching was his true calling, and he made the brave decision to pursue it full time.

The year 2020 brought about a major turning point for Obiora and his approach to fitness. During the COVID-19 lockdown, he delved deep into researching the mechanisms behind age-related declines in health and well-being. This newfound knowledge inspired him to create a fitness program at his gym, PG, that focused on improving and maintaining quality of life as individuals transition into middle age.

Obiora's coaching style can be described in just three words: effective, personalized, and transformative. He believes in bringing the same level of results typically associated with personal training or customized individual programs to group fitness. His mission is to provide a program that stays true to what is known to be effective without compromising on the experience of a group setting.

Despite his expertise and success as a coach, Obiora humbly reflects on a funny and embarrassing moment from his early coaching days. His first class was a disaster, with exercises that were too complicated and a lack of organization. However, this experience taught him a valuable lesson in empathy and the importance of considering the perspective of his clients. It sparked his ability to think through an entire workout from start to finish, taking into account both logistical demands and emotional ups and downs.

Obiora understands the importance of staying motivated during tough workouts or when hitting a plateau. He believes that establishing a sense of purpose is crucial in finding meaning and drive in one's fitness journey. At PG, the gym he owns, purpose is defined at multiple levels, from the overall mission statement to the focus of each training cycle. This layered approach ensures that both Obiora and his clients understand the "why" behind their sacrifices and can tap into their abundant and renewable resource of motivation.

When it comes to his favorite workout or exercise, Obiora's original draw to fitness was to build muscle, so he has a particular fondness for bodybuilding workouts. He enjoys the challenge of resistance training and the game of convincing muscles to stay strong and grow, even as we age.

One of the most rewarding aspects of Obiora's coaching journey is witnessing his clients' transformation and newfound appreciation for their bodies. He takes great pride in helping individuals recognize their bodies as agents for action and pushing past their initial fears and self-doubt. When clients reach a point where they view themselves as functional units capable of amazing feats, it brings Obiora an indescribable sense of achievement and fulfillment.

Obiora Nwoye, or Coach Obi, is not just a coach but an inspirational guide who empowers others to unlock their full potential, both physically and mentally. His dedication, passion, and unique coaching style make him a true force.