Dive into a transformative fitness experience at The Partners Gym, where group training and personal coaching intersect for unmatched results. Our group sessions, intricately designed with a blend of GRIND, BUILD, and VO2 methods, promise not just workouts but a holistic approach to health and longevity. For those seeking a more tailored touch, our personal training sessions provide a deep dive into custom-tailored regimes, ensuring every rep and set aligns with your unique goals. At The Partners Gym, whether you’re embracing the collective energy of our group sessions or savoring the personalized guidance of one-on-one coaching, you’re promised an experience that's scientifically informed, deeply personalized, and undeniably effective. Elevate your fitness journey with us, where every workout is a step closer to your best self.

Group Fitness

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Step into the electrifying realm of Group Fitness at The Partners Gym, where collective energy meets scientific precision. Our sessions seamlessly blend the GRIND, BUILD, and VO2 methodologies, offering you an expansive suite of health and longevity benefits. Each class promises not just a workout, but an experience—immersing you in a community-driven atmosphere where every member is empowered by the shared goal of optimal wellness. Unleash your potential with us, harnessing the synergy of collective motivation and top-tier fitness strategies. Ready to be a part of the transformation?

Personal Training

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Discover a gold-standard of fitness coaching with Obi Nwoye, recently crowned as the Best Personal Trainer of 2023 by Westchester Magazine. Obi, renowned for his pragmatic yet vibrant approach, elevates every session into a blend of intense, fun, and rewarding experiences. As the owner of The Partners Gym, Obi taps into his accolades and unique journey—from an IBM programmer in Nigeria to the esteemed leader of fitness in Thornwood—to offer an unparalleled personal training experience. With a legacy characterized by a melting signature smile and an unwavering focus on optimal health, let Obi and his team tailor a program that transforms not just your physique, but your entire approach to wellness.